Monday, November 29, 2010

Binary Art Project: Focus-The Arecibo Message

Hey ECS students,

Welcome back from our "Thanksgiving Break"
This week we will continue our Problem Solving Unit. The focus of our new project is creating an art image with a binary coding as a necessary part of the creation of the image. We will explore the relationship between binary code, visual symbols, visual data, and embedded messages.

The challenge of our project is to imagine if we had to develop a message for communicating with Extra-Terrestrial life forms using symbols, data and a personal message prepared for transmission into space using binary coding.

For review and further info and reading-please visit the following sites:

Prime Number (Mathematical Language to communicate)
The Arecibo Image-
SETI project
The Arecibo Message-Answered? (Youtube video)
The Documentary of Pixel Art (Youtube video)
Ancient Symbols and Meaning


The discussions that have come-up have been very thoughtful-many interesting questions have surfaced in our discussions-I hope to hear more of your questions and thoughts as we proceed in this project.

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